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I was born in California. I grew up in Hawaii. I went to junior high near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I went to high-school in southern Oregon, college in Salem Oregon, and am now living with my wife and five year old son in Portland. I lived in a redwood house on a volcanic island, and played on a beach of my birth stone. My mother was a belly dancer. I can Cossack dance. I taught myself after I came back from Russia. I've studied Hawaiian, Latin, French, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese in the classroom, in that order. Now I can't manage much in any of them. I drowned in the Hilo Bay after being repeatedly thrown in by drunk relatives when I was my son's age. I still remember the moment when I gave up and breathed in the tea colored water. My lungs surrendered, but my heart never stopped. I forgave the foolish swimming lesson the moment a fear sobered relative resuscitated me. I facilitated a consensus meeting in the middle of a downtown Portland street for several hours with several hundred people. We decided on one thing, to stay in the street indefinitely. Then, almost everyone left and the next morning the police opened it for traffic. A police man broke my arm and I said, "Motherfucker, I'll kick your ass with one arm." I organized a rave in my loft when my roommate was out of town. He almost didn't find out. My wife was my student in Japan. She said, "I love you." Too late we realized she confused "love" and "like". I was considered both the best and worst English teacher. I was almost an Eagle Scout, but I got burnt out. I never played D&D until college. I play Eve Online and exclusively PVP. I buy too many transformer toys and pretend it's only because I love my son. I got cauliflower ear from wrestling in high-school and broke a finger doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in college. I broke my hand on my friend's head after he asked me to punch him. We kept sparring. I burned my face while fire dancing. I am a fire dragon.